SCOTUS is One Vote Away From Repealing 2nd Amendment

This view defies history yet is received, conventional wisdom on the judicial Left, in much the same way that it’s received, conventional wisdom that the Constitution actually protects rights to abortion and gay marriage.

If Heller is overruled, then the regulatory state, in all its immense power, can launch a systematic, undemocratic effort to deter gun ownership even without true confiscation. The appeal of regulatory action is obvious. A Democratic president can use his or her left-wing bureaucracy to implement a host of regulations without an act of Congress and then veto any legislative effort to undo his or her reforms.

It’s easy to imagine the regulatory possibilities — regulatory action against ammunition; public-employee rules creating “gun-free employment communities” that prohibit or greatly restrict private gun ownership by public employees; aggressive regulatory action against various types of ammunition; OSHA rules that require employers to restrict employees’ gun rights on “work safety” grounds. The list could go on and on.

The Left has become very effective at using a combination of social scorn, targeted litigation, and strategic regulations to define which Americans can participate fully in the marketplace, in government, and in academe. Social conservatives are all too familiar with the notion that universities, certain categories of public employment, and even entire industries are increasingly closed off — that they’re not welcome. And that’s despite the fact that we still (at least in theory) enjoy constitutional rights to free speech and free exercise of religion. Stripped of their individual right to bear arms, gun owners would be uniquely vulnerable as the next targeted population.

Source: National Review

How will the gun-free left attempt to take the 300 million weapons existing in the nation? Ironically, only by force…by using guns.

But, being Americans there will come a point where push comes to shove. The Americans shove back hard…real hard.



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