SCOTUS Hands Gun Control Advocates a Victory

SCOTUS Hands Gun Control Advocates a Victory

One of the biggest problems with legal decisions, including Supreme Court decisions, is that legal wranglings and minutia often override common sense and rationality and the law of unintended consequences often comes into play. The Democrats are absolutely determined to limit or do away with firearms in society, that much is known. American citizens have shown that they are determined to protect their 2nd Amendment rights, and so the Left must find other ways to take away the right to own a gun, and as often as not, that is accomplished by contriving some legal excuse to disarm Americans.

In the recent ruling of Voisine v. the United States, a surprising and outrageous decision was made that would prohibit citizens from owning a gun for the rest of their life if they have a minor car accident while texting that results in a minor injury to their spouse or child. Surely this is a nonsensical and unintended reading of the law, and yet it accomplishes exactly what Democrats want, which is the disarming of as many citizens as possible.

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