Scientists Warn of Potential For Weaponized GMOs

“Supercharged” GMOs are now a potential threat according to scientists, as they may be “accidentally or deliberately misused” to create an environmental or health disaster.

But “gene drive” tech was built specifically to spread rapidly throughout the population wherever it is used like a virus. This means if a mad scientist or, say, an evil global multi-billion-dollar megacorporation hell bent on destroying all natural crop species so it can takeover and force the entire world to be dependent on its patented GMO technology gets hold of this “gene drive” technology, it can, in effect, be turned into a bio-weapon.

Morality and ethics always control the actions of scientists, right? This technology would never land in the arsenal of an evil person bent on world destruction, correct?  Read more at The Daily Sheeple and conclude for oneself the dangers involved in this Frankencorn experiment.


Photo: Humphrey King on Flickr



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