Scientists Condemn Bill Gates’ Human Experimentation with Genetically Modified Bananas

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an institution, much like those founded by other billionaires, to advance the globalist agenda including radical environmentalism, world government, and population reduction.  In a world desperate for help, it's not part of the solution.  Now we learn that Gates is funding experiments on humans using genetically modified bananas.

At least 124 food and outreach organizations, as well as 26 individual scientists, have signed onto a letter sent to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation protesting ongoing human trials of genetically modified (GM), beta-carotene-enriched bananas intended for Africa.

The GM bananas, which never underwent animal trials, are currently being administered to 12 students attending Iowa State University (ISU), presumably without full disclosure as to the many unknown risks involved.

Prior to landing in Iowa, the transgenic bananas were spawned at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, also with funding from the Gates Foundation. The goal all along has been to eventually force these “frankenfruits” on Uganda and other countries in East Africa.

The whole project sounds strange.  Why does Africa need beta-carotene enriched bananas?  Or maybe the question should be whether Africans a suffering from a diet lacking in beta-carotene?

If addressing vitamin A deficiency is really Bill Gates' concern in all this, then he would be actively encouraging Africans to consume a more diverse array of foods already native to their country that are rich in vitamin A, including sweet potatoes and other natural varieties of carotene-rich bananas.

Instead, he is pushing for an untested banana with altered vitamin A levels to be forced on rural Africans who already have access to all the naturally vitamin A-rich foods they could possibly want.

Our source goes on to speculate that these GM bananas might be part of a Gates Foundation goal we've discussed before.

The real goal may have to do with Gates' other admitted agenda to greatly reduce the world's population.

There's the de-population issue again.  What's the real motive of the development and distribution of this genetically-modified food, enhance lives of those in poor countries, or a reduction in the number of those lives?

Source:  Natural News



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