Schultz: Hillary ‘Is the Most Admired and Respected Woman in the Entire World’

Wasserman also believes that a large number of “respectable” Republicans aren’t going anywhere near Trump because he has no credibility. Perhaps it has nothing to do with credibility and more to do with the fact that many “respectable” Republicans are really just Democrat Lite.

MITCHELL: He is the most unpopular Republican nominee since we’ve been polling. She comes in second as the most unpopular. I mean, the negatives in Hillary Clinton, 67% don’t trust her, 55% now are not happy about the emails. The damage from Comey, how are you going to counteract that?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Hillary Clinton is the most admired and respected woman in the entire world. There’s a reason for that, and it’s because she has spent her entire life standing up for the values that we as Americans embrace, and that are the reasons we make a choice in our president.

She’ll continue to make sure we can help people reach the middle class. She’ll focus on making sure we can continue to strengthen our diplomatic alliances around the world. She has the credibility that we need in a President of the United States. Contrast that with what’s going on this week which is why we at the Democratic National Committee are here all week to underscore that we are better than this. American’s know we are better than this, and we have to make sure that we don’t let Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.

If Democrats honestly don’t believe that Trump will get elected, then why are they so afraid? Why is the media trying to smother the voices of anybody supporting Conservative beliefs? The left believes that Hillary will lead America forward. Forward into what? A future with Hillary is a very bleak one.




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