School Police Now Being Militarized With War Machines And Equipment

The San Diego Unified School District Police are about to receive their own $733,000 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, truly a weapon of war.

“We recognize the public concern over perceived ‘militarization of law enforcement,’ but nothing could be further from the truth for School Police,” stated SDUSD Police Capt. Joseph Florentino.

Florentino states the vehicle will be used as “Victim Rescue Vehicle.”

Feel better?

School police in Texas have military equipment such as M-16s, M-14s, automatic pistols, armored trucks, tactical vests and plenty of ammo.

The excuse to arm the school districts is due to school shootings. But then why has Obama armed 43 federal non-security related agencies with paramilitary units and countless local law enforcement across the country, who’s received so much military equipment over years.

The answer is clear, he’s pulling in all this military equipment and placing it across the country to prepare for a civil war he knows is coming and is working towards.

According to Florentino, local fire and EMS personnel will train with the equipment to find ways to get paramedics into “warm/hot zones” during an emergency.

Officials developed the rescue tactics after the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado, when 13 people were murdered and 21 injured by two seniors on a suicide mission.

Florentino said officers waited outside for tactical teams while people were dying inside.

The MRAP plan is designed to prevent that. The vehicle should be able to pull down walls, ram through buildings and get to trapped victims.

“It’ll be designed for us to get into any hostile situation and pull kids out,” said Florentino. “We can fit about a full elementary class into the back of vehicle.”

The armored vehicle will also be available to assist any local law enforcement or fire agency with nearby emergencies.

Officials plan to equip it with thousands of dollars’ worth of medical supplies so they can treat several hundred wounded if an emergency arises. They hope to have the MRAP up and running by next month.

When the revamp is complete, the MRAP will be marked with “rescue” and “police” signs along the side with large red crosses – a universal sign of medical aid.

“I think it makes sense,” said parent Jericho Lopez. “You obviously want your kids safe and if the county is making the decision that this will keep them safe and not add additional dollars out of our pocket or take from education or resources in the school, then I have no problem with it.”

Local agencies across the country are eligible to get surplus military equipment through the Defense Department’s 1033 program — also known as the Excess Property program. The SDUSD Police Department was one of 623 agencies to receive an MRAP.




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