School Makes Pledge Of Allegiance Optional After Objections From Atheist Group

The report stated:

The atheist group the American Humanist Association said a high school senior reached out after his teacher threatened him with punishment in front of the class for sitting out the Pledge of Allegiance.

The AHA then sent a letter to the New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District citing a 1943 Supreme Court ruling, which gives students the right to sit out the pledge.

The school responded the AHA in an email, saying no punishment was given to the student and that the pledge is optional.

“No effort is being made to persuade students to refrain from exercising their respective right to opt out, and no discipline has been, or will be, administered for opting out of the pledge,” the school responded.

Should public schools, funded by American taxpayers abide by a 1943 Supreme Court ruling-is the ruling right?  Those foreigners who go through the process to become naturalized citizens, at the very end of going through tests on American history and the long paperwork needed- have one final act.  They must, in a public ceremony say the pledge and promise to take up arms for America if needed.  Allowing a defiant high school student to sit out pledging allegiance, maybe the option should be he just sit out school altogether.  Enough of the PC rhetoric, and coddling ridiculous actions, citing his civil rights.  Americans have grown tired of nonsense.

Source: Daily Caller




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