School Under Fire for not Permitting Parents to Walk Their Kids Home from School

For the parent who lives across the street from Bear Branch Elementary, having to leave the house an hour before school lets out to pick up one's child is the definition of insanity, yet, this is the new law of the land in the Magnolia school district.

The school district has decided that in the name of safety, only buses and car line is how children can be dropped off and retrieved from school.

Parents told KPRC 2 News they are no longer allowed to walk to the school or drive to the school, park their car and go inside to retrieve their children. Now, they must either send their kids home on the bus or sit in the pickup line after school, which they said takes way too long.

Parents are complaining that even if they live just a few blocks away, they are still being forced to drive to the school and pick their kids up in a car. That's why the line is so long and that's why, they said, the process takes an hour.

Kids must waste their afternoon riding a bus home, which cuts into extra curricular activities and down time needed in a child's life.

Dozens of other parents don't agree and said it's a waste of time and it's inconvenient.

“We can no longer walk up and pick up our students,” Mary Erato said.

“It used to be much easier,” said Donna Bayer, who picks up her granddaughter after school. “I could walk up and get her and put her in the car. I didn't have to get in this line.”

Upset parents said they have reached out to administrators and to the district hoping things could go back to the way they were, but so far no one is listening.

“This is my seventh year here and we've never had an issue with it, ever,” Lea Drake said. “Now, it's just taking a long time and it's very inconvenient to the parents.”

Though the school district says it is all about safety, the fact that they are not responding to the parents is more of a tyranny and control, then doing what is best for all families.

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