School Considers Banning Sleeping Beauty Out of Fear It Promotes Rape Culture

The #meetoo campaign is now extending to cartoons. According to Sarah Hall, a concerned parent at Northumberland Park Elementary School, educators are suddenly conditioning her 6-year-old son to be a rapist.

This actually brings up a very good question: where is the line between protecting children and destroying culture?  As apparently, only weak-minded immoral mothers now days are letting Dick and Jane watch classic Disney films instead of modern-day animations.

Few people likely look back and believe all mirrors can talk because they once saw a magic mirror in an old fairy tale story on the silver screen or television. Fairy tales, parables, and stories of black magic or Judaic-Christian miracles are proverbial “tales as old as time”.

Why is it only now that fairy tales are being deemed “toxic” instead of amusingly dark tales of human suffering and perseverance?

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