Schiff: We Will Continue to Investigate Trump Even After He’s Gone

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Congressman Adam Schiff stated throughout an interview on Saturday with Jon Lovett on “Crooked Media” that investigations into President Donald Trump would continue after he leaves the White House.

Schiff said, “After the election, after he’s gone, then I think we have to continue to expose what he did in office because, of course, the administration has stonewalled us in every way it can. They have stonewalled every subpoena, every request for information. There is a lot more evidence of the president’s wrongdoing that is being withheld and will be withheld as long as he is in office.”

On the court battles over Congress’ subpoenas of Trump’s financial records, Schiff said, We are going to pursue them now. They may well be able to stonewall them up and through the fall. Frankly, for me, the issue is less about getting the records before November, it’s about getting them while the country is at risk. We don’t know why this president is so beholden to Vladimir Putin. Is it just his affinity for dictators? Is it just his administration for Putin? Is it his insecurity? Or is it his financial interests in Russia or with Russian oligarchs? This is why the withholding of these financial records id dangerous because we don’t know if this president is compromised.”

Source: Breitbart



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