Saudis to Kerry: We Created ISIS

Saudis to Kerry: We Created ISIS

Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11 may be dominating the news cycle at the moment — with reports that the Obama Administration may release intel that suggests that the country played a key role in the September 11th Attacks — but few are paying attention to the Middle Eastern Country’s role in creating another terror behemoth, ISIS.

According to new reports, the idea that Saudi Arabia created ISIS isn’t just a political theory. It’s been stated as fact — by the Saudi Arabians.

Why is no one paying attention?

Likely for the same reason that no one seemed to notice their involvement in 9/11. With their close ties to the United States and their huge oil reserves, they are simply too powerful a country to make an enemy. Instead, our government ignores their involvement in terror while happily being supplied by the country’s natural resources.

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