Saudis To Behead 28 For Mecca Stampede, Bulldozed Bodies Into The Dirt

This year, 1,300 Muslims in the annual Mecca stampede. 28 more Muslims will join them.

The head of the Hajj pilgrimage committee blamed “Africans” for the deadly stampede in September that killed over 1,300 pilgrims and injured hundreds more. How they determined these “Africans” were guilty remains a mystery. However, justice is never a high point in Islam.

Saudi officials blamed pilgrims for not following the rules for the deadly stampede. (There are rules for deadly stampedes? How thorough!) Others blamed the convoy of the son of the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for the tragedy, which sounds more likely, but that entourage cannot be scapegoated like regular Muslims.

Source: Drudge

About two million Muslims from 180 countries arrive in Saudi Arabia this year for the annual pilgrimage and deadly pandemonium.

The Saudis bulldozed the bodies after the deadly stampede.
And in old-fashioned style, without a trial, 28 random revelers from “Africa” will be summarily beheaded for having caused the Hajj ruckus this year. What a celebration!

It is said that a quality of a nation and its culture is found in how they respect their dead. Islam lives up to its particular standard. They collected and provided medical care for the 805 wounded of the incident. As for the dead, a handy bulldozer was used to clear the area of corpses. All 1,300 were neatly scooped up and deposited in a newly dug trench and covered up.

No identification, no informing next of kin, no separating bodies, no decent burial, no markers, no service…not even prayer was offered up. On with the show!

It is important to say that Saudi authorities have refused to accept any responsibility for the accident and blamed pilgrims for this event. So the authenticity of the news is uncertain. One would think that fifteen hundred years of this would have led to at least a modicum of crowd control, but such is never the case.




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