Saudi Royal Family Teetering on the Edge of Collapse

Saudi Royal Family Teetering on the Edge of Collapse

Donald Trump is not a politician, and he doesn't speak with the nuanced, veiled speech that politicians and diplomats are used to, so he certainly ruffles a lot of feathers. That could very well be part of his attraction to many American people who are tired of political leaders who say one thing and then do another. The assumption is that Donald Trump means what he says and intends on following through. It is one of the reasons why many political elites sneeringly refer to him as “only” a businessman.

Trump has an opinion on almost everything. Recently he was discussing Saudi Arabia, which is in serious trouble. Saudi Arabia is at least marginally one of our major allies in the Middle East. Now they are in serious trouble and looking for the United States to back them up.

However, over the last three decades, they have not been shy about taking the U.S. to the cleaners when it came to maintaining the OPEC oil cartel and extracting huge loads of dollars from the U.S. as we saw our own reserves dwindle. That has all changed as the fracking revolution has driven international oil prices down, and U.S. production up. Saudi Arabia is in a vulnerable position, and for some, perhaps even for Trump, it is pay back time.

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