Saudi Arabia Has Accommodations For 3 Million Refugees, Yet Has Taken Zero


The bulk of refugees have been fleeing to Europe, many to Germany.  Apart of “conspiracy theories” the Mullahs and other jihadis have stated for years that they would overtake Europe, and then the world.  Do these threats have anything to do with the final destinations of the refugees?

The way the radical Mullahs and terrorists reported they would “take over” is by birthing a way greater number of  Muslims than the birth controlled Europeans.  However, this crisis could be one way they can accelerate their big dream, the “Caliphate”-

In truth, their brand of Salafist Islam is apocalyptic, but that is not the same thing at all.  ISIS has a constructive agenda for its conquered territory, with an expansive and specific to-do list that must be checked off before the End of Days can get rolling.

Furthermore, the Islamic State is squatting on exactly the territory it needs to control to fulfill Koranic prophecy about the end of days, particularly the Syrian province of Dabiq, from which the official magazine of ISIS takes its name.  The fields of Dabiq are supposed to host a massive showdown between Muslim armies and the forces of “Rome,” which ISIS propagandists sometimes interpret as a blanket term for all of Christendom, and sometimes interpret as the actual city where the Vatican is located.  (That’s one reason the Italian government is so nervous about the prospect of ISIS capturing Libya and adding it to the Caliphate.)

When you understand the apocalyptic beliefs ISIS is adhering to–and this end game which involves Rome–  the influx of refugees into Europe definitely would make Italy nervous.  So, as the Saudi tents sit empty, hundreds of thousands of Muslims are pouring into Europe–possibly ending up right where ISIS wants them to be.



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