Saturday Night Live Writer Uses Barron Trump to Launch Despicable Attack on His Father

There are those liberals who put forward reasoned arguments as to why they dislike much of what Donald Trump proposes to do and what he stands for. That is the exercise of their right to free-speech, just as it is the right of conservatives to refute them. Then we have the lunatic left which seems to be primarily, but not exclusively, based in places like Hollywood and cities deep within the blue states. With these people, there's no telling what they will say or do other than that it is likely to be both highly offensive and poorly-reasoned.

Katie Rich, of Saturday Night Live, just stepped over the line in a huge way. Note her tweet below along with the tweet reporting that she later deleted it.

There are several things wrong here.

From the factual standpoint, Rich does not even know what she is talking about. Barron is not homeschooled, but rather attends a private school in New York. But that she is too lazy to get her facts straight before launching her attack on a ten-year old is only a minor part of the issue. It's that she used a ten-year old as a vehicle for launching a mindless attack on Donald Trump that is the prime offense.

If Katie Rich wants to hate Donald Trump, that's up to her. If she wants to say nasty things about him, she would only be joining many celebrities and Hollywood stars in their tiresome attacks on the man. But leave the kids out of it, especially the minor children.

Using Barron to attack his Dad is despicable. On the one hand, the tweet demonstrates that Rich has no intellectual ammunition with which to criticize Mr. Trump. On the other hand, it shows that her frustration at her intellectual helplessness is so overwhelming that she chose to sink to the level of using a child as a tool to insult his father.

The same point concerning Rich's appalling behavior can be made in different ways and with different words, but the point remains. She just stepped way over the line, and must be called out for it.

Apparently, Rich decided she was going to get too much backlash from that comment and chose to delete the tweet. It is doubtful that she had any real moral remorse about making the public remark in the first place. More likely is that what we have here is the all too often example of a television or movie celebrity who lacks moral principles or even the courage to stand by her remark.

She ought to be fired.



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