Sarah Palin: People ‘will rise up’ if ‘the snakes’ Steal Nomination from Trump or Cruz

Sarah Palin: People ‘will rise up’ if ‘the snakes’ Steal Nomination from Trump or Cruz

Typical presidential elections are composed of the Republican and Democrat parties, and other fringe groups that occasionally gain a seat or two in local elections, but that rarely have any real impact on the trajectory of the nation.

This is not true this year.

It seems that Democrats have decided leave their traditional party behind to embrace the American Socialist Party, something they have been veering towards for several years, but are now fully committed to  in order to destroy capitalism and figure out how to turn the nation into a larger version of Cuba, but with better bathrooms.

Crazy Uncle Bernie is leading that charge, and the Democrat establishment is humoring the kids since it keeps them from focusing on Hillary’s legal problems and shenanigans. The other half of Democrat roster is Hillary Clinton, who should be in jail, but instead is finding great support from her Wall Street chums who do not seem too interested in the “folks back home” and in fact want to keep the good times rolling for big banks and corporate heavy weights.

Hillary is stalking Bernie to the left in order to appease the know-nothing women and “it’s her turn” gang who are not quite ready for full on socialism. It is clear that once the primary is sewn up and handed to Hillary in a nice Christmas package, she will dump the economic disaster proposed by Bernie and start working on her own goal of becoming a billionaire, while husband Bill is unloosed on a new slew of unsuspecting co-eds.  Nothing traditional about either of these two, and populist Democrats who traded on the Democrat image helping regular folks should be spinning in their graves about now.

The Republicans are equally befuddled. Ted Cruz seems to be  courting the far right, Christian evangelicals and Tea Party activists, thought it is hard to tell from his legislative track record what he really believes. But the Republican party elites (read establishment) are not happy with him, and they had hoped to jam through Jeb Bush, then Marco Rubio, and now John Kasich.

Establishment types have no one to blame but themselves as they promised reform and commitment to the Constitution and conservative values to core voters, then stabbed them in the back each and every year as they acquiesced to Barack Obama and did everything possible to please their business and Chamber of Commerce masters, all while leaving their conservative voters in the lurch. They are now panicked since the jig is up and the public is on to them, determined not to get tricked again. Cruz is rigid and not well liked in the halls of Congress, but it seems easy to predict he will go hard right in most decisions, though it seems he supports “free” trade and the TPP, which would harm American workers, no one know if he will be able to get anyone to follow him.

But the real joker in the deck and the one people don’t know what to expect from is Donald Trump. He brilliantly played the anger and dissatisfaction of the American people as they saw Republican and Democrat politicians sell the country out to cheap, illegal alien labor. He has also tapped into the disgust that people have for the politically correct nonsense, especially President Obama’s as he invited Muslim “refugees” into the country without finding out whether they were Islamic terrorists.

Trump is a political unknown quantity, and the politicians can’t figure out if he will play their game or not. They hate not knowing how to control him and even if that is possible, so both sides of the aisle have been desperate to find a way to derail his campaign. He is not “one of them,” and does not play by their rules, and that terrifies the Washington elite. The problem is insider plans have not worked, and Trump’s popularity has just gotten larger.

Now, instead of defaming Trump, the party elites are trying to figure out how to rig the final tally so that the millions of voters who have been keeping him at the top of the Republican primary will be ignored and their votes will be tossed in the trash.

How do they think that will work?

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