Sandy Hook Video Spliced in with Oregon Shooting News

The spliced footage, which can be viewed below, shows the paramedics wheeling somebody out of the school, with a sign in the foreground that says “Sandy Hook School”. This is once again raising questions of whether or not these shootings are staged events, meant to help the federal government push their gun control agenda. While the notion sounds quite conspiratorial, it’s definitely something that wouldn’t be unheard of in this current political climate.

Whether you believe in conspiracy theories or not, there are quite a few odd circumstances surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting, like the fact that the FBI report showed that nobody died or the teachers getting involuntarily committed after asking questions, or the leading investigator who met an untimely end, to the picture showing that one Sandy Hook victim somehow died again in Pakistan.

Even some of the details in this latest shooting are a bit confusing. Like the fact that the media keeps changing the skin color of the shooter, or the fact that everybody’s reporting that his social media and dating profiles show he was a conservative, which could have easily been set up.

Gee, could the news be largely fake:



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