Sanders Sues DNC After Suspension For Hacking Hillary’s Voter Files

The DNC is granting access to voter records back to the Sanders’ campaign, after access was suspended.

A deal has been reached between the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Democratic National Committee to allow the campaign to regain access to voter files, Sanders’ spokesman, Michael Briggs, told CNN.

Sanders’ campaign on Friday sued the DNC in federal court after the party organization withheld the campaign’s access to a crucial voter database.

The internal warfare exploded after the DNC cut off Sanders from the database and said the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign exploited a software error to improperly access confidential voter information collected by Hillary Clinton’s team.

The revelation had posed a setback for Sanders, who is mounting a liberal challenge to the former secretary of state. The DNC database is a goldmine of information about voters and being blocked from it could have complicated Sanders’ outreach efforts. The timing was also challenging, just weeks before Clinton and Sanders are slated to compete in the Iowa caucuses.

And coming the day before a Democratic debate, the developments fueled a long-held belief in the Sanders camp and among his allies that the DNC has stacked the deck in favor of Clinton.

At Friday’s press conference, Weaver said, “The DNC is clearly acting in a heavy-handed way, in an unprecedented way. I would like to see another instance where a presidential campaign had their data — their own data — withheld under similar circumstances.”

The Sanders campaign sought an injunction against the DNC Friday afternoon, claiming irreparable harm and seeking immediate access to the voter file system. A campaign aide said earlier Friday that there was no expectation the DNC would grant access before the close of business Friday.

Source: KY3

The socialist Sanders campaign is doing everything it can to keep up with Clinton, who is the establishment candidate and slated to win the candidacy for President. Although Sanders has been runniong a stronger campaign than could have been expected, the most obvious choice for the Democratic base which voted Obama in would be Hillary Clinton.

This latest dust up with the DNC is desperately needed by the Sanders campaign. Time will tell how much support this recent development will bring to Sanders, or how much it may detract from Clinton.



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