San Francisco Official Introduces Resolution to Ban Blue Angels, the ‘killing machines’ Terrorize Neighborhoods

Although precious little evidence of Avalos’ fellow San Franciscans agreeing with him that the Blue Angels should be banned on account of them being symbols of “US imperialism”, at least one of his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors has joined him in his campaign to ban the jets:

“It’s not the first time that Mr. Avalos has launched a Twitter assault against the Navy’s flight demonstration squadron.

‘Killing machines are flying loudly over San Francisco,’ he wrote during Fleet Week last year, Fox News reported.

‘Thousands of us in the Civic Center Plaza staring up, gawking as the Blue Angels strafe San Francisco and flip us the bird,’ he wrote at the time. ‘War planes r flying at low altitudes over SF, reminding me of the $580B for US imperialism & the pittance 4 climate and human development.’

In 2007, as a staffer for then-Supervisor Chris Daly, Mr. Avalos helped write a similar resolution after a fatal Blue Angels crash at an air show in South Carolina. The resolution failed to make it out of committee, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Supervisor Eric Mar said he would support Mr. Avalos‘ new resolution, saying ‘the potential dangers’ outweigh the benefits.

The air shows also go against ‘the values of peace that San Francisco stands for. … They promote militarism, and I don’t think a city like ours should be promoting that,’ Mr. Mar told the Chronicle.”

Source: Washington Times



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