San Francisco Lawmakers Designate NRA as “Domestic Terrorist Organization”

The other shoe has finally dropped in San Francisco as the Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted to name the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “Domestic Terrorist Organization.”

In the wake of a shooting down in Odessa, Texas, the City by the Bay has completely ignored the fact that legally-armed citizens have been instrumental in assisting police with the thwarting of mass shootings for many decades. Instead, they have focused all their Liberal indignation and rage over Donald Trump on the NRA because of its support for and involvement in “hate crimes!”

Curiously absent from any of these Board members’ agenda are the serious and debilitating issues that plague the streets of San Francisco, like homelessness, disease, discarded hypodermic needles, feces on the sidewalks, high crime, terrible schools and a completely non-existent middle-class.

To see their actual written proclamation, turn to the next page and witness the pure idiocy of a legislative body 100% out-of-touch with reality!



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