Sam’s Club CEO Doesn’t Like Doing Business With ‘Caucasian Males’

Apparently, she had met with a supplier earlier during the day and, for whatever reason, noticed that all of their representatives were “Caucasian males.” Disturbed by this development (or lack thereof), Brewer took it upon herself to call the representatives' boss at some point to discuss the heterogeneous nature of his company's delegation, the implication being that they are racist for only having white men present in the room they were doing business with her in.

Let's set aside the nerve, the conceit it takes to imagine that one is in a place to dictate to another company what the demographic makeup of their workforce should look like. The fact that a CEO of a major corporation in the United States feels comfortable enough to admit that they are troubled by high amounts of members of a particular race in a given place or position is sad, and unsurprisingly has led to calls for a boycott of Sam's Club.

“Brewer’s remarks have sparked calls for a boycott.

‘Sam Club’s idea of “diversity” is to not hire white men. That’s why I’m going to ‪#BoycottRacistSamsClub,' tweeted Nick Joseph.

‘#BoycottRacistSamsClub because, if the CEO is uncomfortable around white executives, how about the white customer?' wrote a Twitter poster using the name I, Constitution.

‘Lesson – Refuse to do business with any racial group of people you don’t like, and call it a ‘quest for diversity,” tweeted a poster using the name Morality is Freedom.”

Source: Western Journalism




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