Salvadoran Paper Tells Illegals Which 18 States to Avoid

Salvadoran Paper Tells Illegals Which 18 States to Avoid

Although illegal immigrants face a number of daunting challenges trying to enter the United States, there’s no question they can get a lot of help in advance in their home countries and in the U.S.

The hundreds of sanctuary cities across America give them potential landing spots to seek. But tougher border enforcement under the Trump administration and a Department of Justice crackdown on funding for sanctuary cities is creating new obstacles.

Nonetheless, the existence of the Internet has opened up a new flow of information to assist those wanting to come to America and take advantage of its generous educational, medical and welfare systems.

Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) provides a wealth of information on its website, and some of it might be counterproductive to its enforcement efforts.

On the next page, learn how an El Salvadoran newspaper is aiding the flow of illegal immigrants and using ICE information to point them in particular directions.

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