Ryan Backstabs Trump by Standing Up for Mueller

Ryan Backstabs Trump by Standing Up for Mueller

If anyone doubts there’s a globalist and GOP establishment coup underway against President Donald Trump, they need look no further than the duplicitous actions and public statements of House Speaker Paul Ryan.

An active Never Trumper early in the 2016 presidential campaign, Ryan came around part way when it became apparent Trump would win the GOP nomination and later go on to win the presidency.

Like Eddie Haskell at his worst, Ryan can be obsequious around the president when it suits his needs. But, he doesn’t hesitate to figuratively knife him when the opportunity comes along.

Ryan’s double-dealing ways may come back to haunt him next year, as a former GOP challenger lines up to run against him in the primary and Democrats work to find a candidate who might appeal to working class voters turned off by Ryan’s attitude toward President Trump.

On the next page, you’ll learn the latest Ryan snub of the president and how he’s working to undermine the Trump administration case of bias on the part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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