Russians Bought Social Media Ads for Hillary and BLM

Russians Bought Social Media Ads for Hillary and BLM

Hillary Clinton has just said in an interview that she believes that Donald Trump “wants to be Vladimir Putin.”  Her words were ridiculously clichéd and lifted directly from The Hill and other Leftist rags, proving that the First Lady of Blame doesn’t have an original thought in her head when it comes to being casual and off-the-cuff.

When Saturday Night Live parodied Hillary, Kate McKinnon may have been a bit TOO good at portraying the real Clinton, because there were more than a few Conservative Christians who were big fans of her impersonations.  The fact is that McKinnon brought to the screen the living personification of the real Hillary week after week and all the Liberals who watched the show faithfully laughed along with it because they knew this was right on the mark.

Clinton’s mouth tends to get her in a heap of trouble, especially when it’s unscripted.  Take her, “At this point, what difference does it really make?” and “Half of the Trump supporters I’d put into a basket of deplorables and the other half are just irredeemable!”

When she claimed that Trump “wants to be Vladimir Putin,” it was quite ironic seeing as she was the instrument that assisted Russia in purchasing virtually our entire stock to American uranium!  And now, even worse, we come to find that Hillary benefitted mightily from the very Facebook ads that she and her campaigned claimed were supporting Donald Trump!  Ads that were purchased by none other than the Russians!

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