Russian Marines Engage ISIS

The attack happened during the arrival of new advanced Russian fighter jets and several other pieces of mobile artillery.

“It is considered one of the most advanced aircraft in Russia’s inventory with updated avionics and a wide array of weapons at its disposal,” reported. “Sixty of the jets are planned to be delivered to Russian forces by next year.”

Russia has also shipped in tanks, artillery and attack helicopters into Syria and has opened up high-level communications with the U.S. military to ensure that no misunderstandings lead to conflict.

Moscow and Washington operated a similar ‘red phone’ hotline during the Cold War, a striking allegory to the current state of tensions between the two countries, especially as neo-conservative thinktanks rattle their sabers at Russia.

Right now the Defense Dept. is “reviewing and updating its contingency plans for armed conflict with Russia,” according to Foreign Policy magazine.

It figures that the United States would be more concerned with Russia than with ISIS. If there's one thing the Obama Administration has done a great job of (besides pushing America further into ruin) it's creating conflict with Russia on a level we haven't seen since the Cold War.





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