Russian Downed Pilot Had No Warning

The downing of a Russian fighter jet by a Turkish F16 last week continues to roil the world, with charges and counter charges heating up the air waves.  With the Islamic State (ISIS) continuing their march through Syria and Iran, and President Obama doing little to nothing to stop their encroachment on other countries in the area, Russia vowed to step in and conduct extensive bombing raids on ISIS convoys that, it is claimed, were moving petroleum to Turkey to help finance their military campaigns. Obama's inaction against ISIS gave Russian Premier Vladimir Putin the opening he needed to insert himself into the tangle in the Middle East, and much of the world cheered to see a true leader step in while Obama simply pontificated on the escalating problem.

Obama was clearly embarrassed by Putin's move in Syria, but it is well known that Russia and current strongman president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad are allies, while the U.S. would prefer to see him deposed, leading many to infer that Obama actually supports the murderous ISIS and that this support may have actually led to the attack on the Russian fighter last week.

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