How Russiagate is Really Hillarygate

How Russiagate is Really Hillarygate

How tired are we of hearing about Russia and Trump collusion to “steal the election” from a deserving Hillary Clinton?  I dunno.  How tired are we of Kathy Griffin's whining over her self-inflicted, career-killing idiocy?

While I am beginning to tire of all the Fake News Industrial Complex word pollution regarding Russia and Trump, a new breath of something completely different, but interrelated, has brushed across the news landscape that is somewhat refreshing.  As a general rule, I try to stay involved with all the news regarding the Russia investigation, if not only to ensure that my writing is up-to-date and relevant.  I must admit that the fake news grind has been working on my last nerve, but at least they're focused on collusion and perhaps it will inadvertently lead to problems in the Democrat Party.

Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge has apparently been following this story very closely and has decided that he has a somewhat different view of the situation regarding the Fake News Industrial Complex and its 24/7 emphasis on Trump and the Russian collusion.  His take turns this story on its head and offers a somewhat new way of looking at both the collusion and the culprit.  As you may have guessed, the culprit is not Donald Trump!

Turn to the following page to hear more about Durden's theory on who is really behind the Russiagate debacle!

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