Russia Warns of World War Three Starting in Syria

Russia Warns of World War Three Starting in Syria

Barack Obama and his leftist friends in the Democrat party have endlessly criticized the United States, starting with Obama's apology tour early in his presidency. He readily agreed with other leftist nations and tin pot dictators that the United States is an evil, colonialist regime that is only interested in expansion and power. Never mind the fact that the U.S. has never taken territory after wartime victories, and has worked hard to restore local control and rule whenever they have been in a conflict. That was true in postwar Japan and Germany. Also true in weakened European countries that might have welcomed greater U.S. involvement. Instead, we built those nations up, and encouraged them to rebuild.

In the Middle East we have worked to turn control in Iraq and Afghanistan over to local rule, and the claim that we were in Iraq only to steal their oil was proven to be one, gigantic lie. In other words, in spite of tremendous military and economic strength, the U.S. has been a very measured world leader, primarily seeking to limit conflict in various parts of the world, and flexing our muscles in only a very limited way. But even that was too much for Obama. He sought to embarrass and diminish the U.S. since the start of his presidency, and he has been very successful at it. Now the U.S. is seen as a weak, fearful nation, no longer capable of world leadership. Our influence has dramatically decreased, as has the respect that we enjoy from other nations.

The net result of that shrinking of power and influence, which Obama promoted in order to “put us in our place” is leading to new conflict and potential disaster as the world operates less and less with U.S. influence to lead and guide world events. The outcome can lead to dire consequences for all.

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