Russia Sneaks Fighter Jets into Syria

Why do we bother with sources? U.S. satellites saw that the aircraft were there, according to the official. Silly Russians! You can’t hide from the power of Google!

The assessment over the weekend was that the fighter jets were on their way. The same official said the Russians have begun flying drones around the coastal city of Latakia.

With no ISIS fighters in the area, the move raises serious questions about the Russians’ intentions with their military buildup. Once again, an Obama official is the last to actually figure out what is happening. Every conservative in the nation knows what the Russians are doing…

The Russian plan is to prop up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rather than fight the terror group. Duh! Leave the U.S. and its weak leadership of Obama to allow ISIS to fester while the Russians simply bolster Assad. If Assad becomes strong enough to crush ISIS, he becomes the hero.

The U.S. has its own effort underway to defeat ISIS but has also said that Assad must go. But, nothing is getting done.

Asked about what the U.S. can do about the situation, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told CNN at a press conference Thursday that “it’s a matter of seeing what the Russians do.”

Source: edition, CNN

Once again, we do nothing.
Carter said he hopes the Russians will fight ISIS, “but if it’s a matter of pouring gasoline on the civil war in Syria, that is certainly not productive from our point of view.”
Leading from behind essentially put our head up our behind.




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