Russia Calls for the End of the New World Order, Supports a Multi-Polar World

The Neocons emphatically believe that a strong NATO is vital, but are they right? Is it the job of the U.S. to defend Western Europe from a possible Russian attack? Again, the Neocons would answer that such is a vital project of the U.S. given what has happened in Ukraine and the Crimea.

Lavrov said Moscow wanted to build relations with Washington which would be “pragmatic with mutual respect and acknowledgement of our responsibility for global stability.”

The two countries had never been in direct conflict, he said, noting that they were actually close neighbours across the Baring Straits.

Russia wanted to see a “common space of good neighbour relations from Vancouver to Vladivostok,” he added.

We saw what happened when President Trump announced during his campaign that he desired better relationships with Russia. Much of his own party went berserk, and one cannot help but wonder if some of these accusations culminating in the appointment of a special counsel to investigate alleged improper contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia are not largely a shot across the bow, warning Trump that there will be consequences if he reduces tensions with Vladimir Putin.

Yet even nations that actually have an axe to grind work to reduce tensions all the time. The alternative is often war. It does not necessarily mean some sort of surrender.

There is a big difference in trying to get along with others, and leaving oneself defenseless. If Trump wishes to do the former without sacrificing the latter, what's the problem? The answer is that there is none unless you desire that the U.S. become the one world empire. It is difficult to see any indication in our founding documents or in the wisdom of those who did found this nation to indicate that should be a goal.

Banish the neocons to Iraq, a country whose problems are largely of their making. It would only be just.

Source: Yahoo



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