Russia Biggest Threat to US Nat’l Security, Says Retiring Army General

The baton is being handed off to another, yet General Odierno's experience has made him invaluable and should be tapped often.  His belief that Russia is most “dangerous” to national security interests is based on their “sophisticated and successful” movements into the Ukraine.  Odierno has, according to Breitbart, “predicted that Russia would challenge the geopolitical status quo and continue to move West and challenge NATO allies Latvia, Estonia, and others.”

“They are more mature than some other of our potential adversaries, and I think they have some stated intents that concern me in terms of how the Cold War ended,” said the Army General. “They have shown some significant capability in Ukraine to do operations that are fairly sophisticated, and so for me, I think we should pay a lot of attention.”

Odierno advocated for NATO and the United States to stand by their Eastern European partners against Russia to ensure its aggression is contained.

“We have deterrent there and I think we’re doing a good job with that. What we have to do in the next several years is continue to increase that so the risk goes up for anybody who might consider operations in Eastern Europe,” Gen. Odierno added.

His opinions on how to defeat ISIS should be taken under advisement, as his time in the region makes him better qualified to understand the dynamics of radical Islam than any desk jockey in the Pentagon, attempting to advise the White House.  “For me it’s about changing the dynamics, the political dynamics, the economic dynamics, and it has to be done by those in the region,” he added.

Check out more of his thoughts at Breitbart.

Photo: U.S. Army on Flickr



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