Rupert Murdoch Calls Trump’s Muslim Ban “Common Sense”

Rupert Murdoch Calls Trump’s Muslim Ban “Common Sense”

Donald Trump may have found a new friend in his fight against the Democrats, Republicans, media — basically everybody — over his controversial call to ban non-Citizen Muslims into the United States of America. In an interesting twist, his new ally comes in the form of a usual adversary, Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch has recently found himself sparring with the presidential candidate over comments the GOP hopeful made against popular Fox News host Megyn Kelly. Trump called for a boycott of the network in response, and Murdoch himself released statements condemning Trump’s accusations of bias by the network.

It looks as if that’s water under the bridge now, as Murdoch recently posted a tweet of support for Trump’s controversial new proposal.

While the endorsement was lukewarm, he conceded that the plan was at least “common sense” and reflects other Republican’s strategy to combat religious radicals by the U.S. congress.

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