Rumsfeld: The United States Must ‘Compete’ With Islamic State

Rumsfeld: The United States Must ‘Compete’ With Islamic State

Do you remember a man named Donald Rumsfeld?

Rumsfeld was the guy who proposed invading Iraq just a few days after the attacks on September 11th. Rumsfeld was the guy who said there weren't enough targets in Afghanistan to justify an invasion there. But most notably, Donald Rumsfeld was the snake who said there were weapons of mass destruction most assumed dirty bombs or even nukes, and said that an invasion of Iraq wouldn't last longer than five months.

What a quaint time that must have been.

Rumsfeld is now emerging from a self-imposed media exile to say that America has to “compete” with ISIS on a global scale. But this is his usual routine. Rumsfeld is a washed-up power broker wanna-be, and he thinks pontificating like a sage on how to fight terrorism is his ticket back into the inner circle. After ten years he should have had time to buy a new hat.

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