Rubio on Obamatrade Soveriengty Killing Trade Deal

Rubio on Obamatrade Soveriengty Killing Trade Deal

Donald Trump has been going hard taunting Marco Rubio.  One has to wonder since Rubio is far down somewhere in the middle of the pack, why Trump has turned his ire on Rubio.  Enter the TPP “Obamatrade” agreement (also called the Trans-Pacific-Partnership), which its essence is a very horrible idea.

So horrible, we see the repeat of the machinations of the passing of Obamacare.  Remember the Pelosi statement: “Just pass it, then we can see what’s in it”.   Well, this passing of Obamatrade, is similar-with one big twist, with Rubio leading the charge to pass this trade agreement, which will bypass Congress with this “fast track” approach (Congress will be involved, but not with the usual vetting).

Rubio was challenged by Trump if he read the agreement.  He said yes.  Trump’s staffer’s calculated it would have taken Rubio two straight days in the Capitol basement (oh and yes, the agreement is so secret, it can only be read in the basement) and Rubio has been seen everyday-so much for his reading it.  To get out of the lie, he did not read it, Rubio hired the Floridian National review writer who was tasked with investigating the claim.

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