Rubio Cast the Deciding Vote FOR Obamatrade

The Trans Pacific Agreement will, now that it’s going to pass thanks to Rubio, effectively ensure the congressional approval of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).

The reader may recall that the text of the TiSA and T-TIP agreements is currently entirely secretive, even to lawmakers on Capitol Hill and their staffs, though WikiLeaks did uncover several TiSA documents that leaked and prove the deal would surrender congressional power over U.S. immigration policy to the executive branch and perhaps to a newly created transnational entity.

The Pacific Rim trade deal that would give the Sultan of Brunei—who has implemented Sharia Law in his nation and banned Christmas, literally—an “equal vote to that of the United States,” on the other hand, is available for members of Congress to read. The only catch is they have to go to a secret room inside the Capitol basement for classified readings to read it in person, they can’t take notes, and only their staffers with enough high enough security clearances can go with them to read it—and their staff can’t go without them.

Source: Breitbart

Before the Senate voted on TPA Breitbart News asked every Senate Republican if they read the text before voting to fast-track it. Only a handful said they did.

Rubio, on the other hand, consistently and repeatedly refused to answer whether he read the deal text. His office refuse to answer yet again on Tuesday whether he went to go read it before the first time he voted for TPA or before the second time. He is choosing to give the public impression he did not read the text of the deal before he voted to fast track it through Congress.

This could have significant implications for Rubio on the campaign trail as he seeks the Republican nomination for the presidency. Activists in early states are furious with his decision to support Obamatrade when it’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



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