Rubio Cancels Scheduled Speech Five Minutes Before Event Start

Rubio Cancels Scheduled Speech Five Minutes Before Event Start

Marco?  Where are you?  It is an important day in South Carolina for the remaining Republican candidates, with polls showing Trump ahead Cruz and Rubio.  The stakes are high, yet Rubio may have just destroyed any chance at gleaning conservative votes by backing out of his scheduled appearance at the Conservative Review Conference just five minutes prior to going on stage.

Offering an explanation, Rubio’s campaign informed the conference, “FYI – Because of a delay in today’s schedule, Marco is unable to make the event below tonight. Senator Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Congressman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) attended to represent the campaign. Tomorrow’s schedule remains unchanged,”

In such a tight race, one must do whatever it takes to hit every available platform to speak, especially those places where one is not warmly welcomed in order to win some hearts and effectively communicate away concerns.  But for many conservatives, Rubio’s position on “amnesty for illegals” is not something that can be easily communicated away. Read the comments from the Cruz campaign and Mark Levin, who was hosting the conference, on the next page.

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