Rosie O’Donnell Calls for Martial Law to Delay Trump’s Inauguration

Rosie O'Donnell doesn't want Donald Trump to be president. This should be obvious by now. But the lengths she's willing to go to keep him from the Oval Office might surprise even the biggest O'Donnell fan.

In a tweet sent out earlier this week, O'Donnell supported the implementation of “martial law” until Trump is “‘cleared' of all charges.”

Of course, Trump and Rosie have been feuding for years:

It's not immediately clear to what O'Donnell is referring. Trump has not been accused of any crimes and is, as far as we know, not under any serious investigations.

Of course, finding sense in a tweet from O'Donnell is usually a fruitless affair. She's nothing more than a sore loser and a scorned colleague. Trump is going to become president and she will remain irrelevant. Between the two, it's pretty clear who has won.

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