Roseanne Barr: “We Would Be So Lucky” if Trump Beats Hillary

As genuinely supportive she sounded of Trump, Barr expressed doubt that he would be able to beat Hillary and her establishment handlers. The way she sees it, the former Secretary of State has already “paid for the Oval Office,” with Trump and Bernie Sanders playing her “heel.” Regardless of this, she commended the GOP candidate for the positions he’s taken and how he’s run his campaign:

“She then praised Trump for financing his own campaign.

‘That’s the only way he could’ve gotten that nomination. Because nobody wants a president who isn’t from Yale and Harvard and in the club. ‘Cause it’s all about distribution,’ she said.

‘When you’re in the club, you’ve got people that you sell to. That’s how money changes hands, that’s how business works. If you’ve got friends there, they scratch your back and blah, blah.’

Trump is saying that the ‘order of law matters,’ she responded, when asked if she thinks he will act in people’s interests.

‘And Trump is saying people will have to be vetted, we’ll have to have legal immigration. It’s all a scam,’ she said.

‘I mean, illegal immigration. When people come here and they get a lot of benefits that our own veterans don’t get. What’s up with that?'”

Source: The Hill



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