Ron Paul Reveals Disturbing Reason for Resistance to Federal Reserve Audit

Dr. Ron Paul has revealed that the Federal Reserve is resisting an audit because it wants to conceal its international activities. The Federal Reserve, which has stood in the way of a true free-market and bolsters the socialist agenda to ensure “free” benefits to all, is the tool that the federal government may be using to conduct secret international transactions with governments and perhaps individuals all over the globe. Should such details be revealed via an audit could spell the end of the Federal Reserve.

Dr. Paul goes on to say

“The ultimate solution to this is philosophic, and that is we as a nation will be forced soon to ask about the role of government. And sometimes, when an economic system on the side of socialism totally fails, they have to say ‘hey, is this really a good system? That is what we have to do here in the United States, the people have to decide what the role of government should be. Should it be: endless welfare and endless warfare, deficits don’t matter, print money when you need it, and take care of everybody from cradle to grave, give them free education? We have people running for President right now, they want to give free – free everything! Well, nothing is free. It’s just who is going to get stuck with it? Right now, the middle class is getting stuck with it.”

Source: Infowars

So, to summarize, we have a Federal Reserve that is spending our tax money to save banks that should have failed, a Federal Reserve that may be using tax dollars for nefarious unknown purposes, and an entire system that serves to help the rich with the taxes of the middle class.




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