Ron Paul Denounces AHCA as ‘the Same Deep State Healthcare Plan’ as Obamacare

Financial editor Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal lambasts the AHCA as just another product of “Deep State healthcare operatives” trying to keep aspects in place that benefit them.

There are two fundamentals to Obamacare–the essence of which haven't been touched in Trumpcare. Namely that they are both coerced government-run charities combined with coerced centrally planned healthcare insurance.”

He trains his fire on the coverage of pre-existing conditions as an act of “charity,” not insurance.

If we all just waited to get insurance for a health problem until we discovered a health problem and insurance companies wrote such policies, insurance companies would go bankrupt.”

Wenzel sees coverage of pre-existing conditions as a scheme to get healthy Americans to underwrite what is essentially charity work.

While proponents of the AHCA note that the bill does away with the individual mandate to have health insurance or pay a fine, the bill now requires people who go 60 days without health coverage to be penalized when they rejoin a health insurance plan. These consumers will be charged a 30 percent penalty on their new premium rate.

Wenzel believes this clause essentially represents a government controlled rate schedule similar to what Obamacare has. In his eyes, free market health insurance did not exist under Obamacare, nor will it under AHCA.

But in the end, with a continued government charity influenced by the Deep State and policy rate schedules influenced by the Deep State, Trumpcare in not a repeal of Obamacare, it is a nip and tuck with a different color lipstick on the pig.”

So, while the White House is touting a win with the passage of AHCA by the House of Representatives, the battle ahead in the Senate will ultimately determine its fate. Will the features critics find objectionable be altered to get closer to a free market for health care insurance?

Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report



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