Romney: Attacking Trump Helps Me Sleep at Night

Ever since Donald Trump essentially clinched the Republican nomination after the Indiana Primary, most GOP politics have fallen in line behind their nominee, or have at least trying down their disapproval. Mitt Romney, however, is refusing to back down.

Romney appeared satisfied with his actions, explaining that he could sleep at night knowing that he did something to stand up for his values.

“I know that some people are offended that someone who lost and is the former nominee continues to speak, but that’s how I can sleep at night,” Romney said to the Journal. “And there are some people, though it’s a small number, who still value my opinion.”

Establishment voters may not be Trump's base, but they're nonetheless a necessary component to his campaign's successes. With Romney's refusal to back down, he's doing more than damaging Trump, he may be handing the White House keys to Hillary Clinton.

Source: Breitbart



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