Roger Waters Chimes In On The United Nations and the United States

In Roger Water’s interview with RT, to promote his documentary “The Wall”, Water’s not only bashed American media outlets (mostly liberal outlets) for dramatizing the news, but he also had some interesting things to say about the United Nations.

Waters said the UN is an interesting example of the “pretense of decision making,” but it should nevertheless exist and that is an important institution. However, he said that having five Security Council members with veto power is “a redundant notion.

“There can be things that are fundamentally important politically – particularly in the Middle East where everyone is fighting everyone else as hard as they can all of the time – which can never actually get the support that they deserve, or a lot of the things can’t … unless the United States decides that they can.”

 He also stated that a lot of horse trading goes on behind closed doors, including the pressuring of nations to vote one way or risk having their aid withdrawn.

It is an entirely corrupt body with wonderful intentions and often with very good men at the head of the general assembly – and rather inferior men pulling the strings behind the Security Council.”

Waters was critical of American mainstream media, which he said provides “24-hour entertainment in order to sell soap powder.” He also accused The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal of being “a mouthpiece for the government.”

“The people, you Americans, would have to wake up to the fact that these newspapers and the rest of the media are not giving you the news,” said Waters.

You can watch the video below. The documentary “The Wall” is available now, and many music fans see it as a highlight of everything that’s going on in the world, socially and politically. Whether the other things he says are true, there definitely is a lot of corruption that can be traced back to the United States.





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