Roberts: Robotics is now attacking the remaining domestic service jobs

An Oxford University study found that 47 percent of jobs are at risk. Another study concludes that one third of all jobs will be lost to robots during the next 10 years. Some claim that the net job loss will not be so large, because new jobs will be created in order to repair the robots, at least until robots learn to do this also.

Roberts rants:

Robotics is now attacking the remaining domestic service jobs. Robots are becoming sales assistants, providing room service to hotel guests, filling orders at delis, providing medical diagnosis, cooking and serving meals, and becoming incorporated into smart household appliances that reduce the need for electrical and repair services. All of us are familiar with customer service robots. We encounter them whenever we telephone about a bank or credit card statement or utility bill.

Read the whole rant here.

Mr. Roberts oddly blames offshoring jobs to foreign nations and a free market economy, preferring Keynesian macroeconomist theory (a form of communism) that historically has always been disastrous.

What he misses is human potential and creativity. Society moved from agrarian to industrial to service to technological. Automation follows innovation. Mr. Roberts is unfortunately stuck just above agrarian, a place where China, India, Brazil and other emerging nations now live. The 21st Century is still a hundred years away for him.



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