Roberts: A Decisive, Global Power Shift Has Occurred

Roberts: A Decisive, Global Power Shift Has Occurred

It seems that the American people are never quite sure what they will get when they elect a president. In the case of President Obama, liberals thought they were getting a healer, someone who could bring people together and solve the racial divide that existed.

Most conservatives thought that a former community organizer would not have the ideological bent to resolve anything that had to do with racial conflict, and it turns out that under Obama's watch the nation has had more racial conflict and violence than at any time since the civil rights movement in the 1960's, often with Obama in the middle of the conflict, stoking the flames.

He was going to have an open and transparent administration and let the people see and take part in the democratic process by making bills and decisions widely available so that it was clear who was moving the levers of power and how they would impact the populace.

It turns out that his administration has hidden the process of government from the very start, denying Freedom of Information requests and covering the tracks of federal agencies such as the State Department in the Bengazi debacle, the Justice Department in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, and illegal actions taken by the IRS to deny conservative groups their non-profit status which may very well have altered the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

But it is his absolute lack of leadership and understanding in the international arena that has been a shock to so many, both domestically and internationally. Obama came into office assuring voters that he would be a more mature, measured leader than George Bush had been, and crowds throughout the world cheered and looked forward to his coming years in office.

He claimed that he would meet with foreign leaders, and particularly Middle Eastern players, and find a path to peace rather than a road to war, and though he had no history or experience to show that he had those skills, the public accepted him at his word and looked forward to his leadership and success.

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