RNC Protestors Throw Urine at Each Other

Info Wars was in Downtown Cleveland covering the events in the streets, where Dr. Cornell West and Carl Dix, the co-founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Chicago were  speaking.

“These guys have been known to go around to all of these different hot issues in these different cities and they are the ones who insight violence. These guys are part of so much of the chaos we see in the country and today they will be downtown with Black Lives Matter, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, which openly marches around saying, “Oink, oink, bang, bang, kill cops, pigs in a blanket…”

This is the environment that Cleveland police and many other law enforcement agencies are working to keep, the diametrically opposed views, from clashing into violent chaos.  With the targeting of law-enforcement around the nation, having The Huey P. Newton Gun Club,  “a black separatist group named after Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton” present and chanting “kills cops”, creates a tense environment and the officers must remain on vigilant alert.

Police broke up skirmishes between groups of demonstrators a few blocks from the Republican National Convention as large crowds formed Tuesday afternoon. There was no immediate word on any arrests or injuries.

On Monday, the first day of rallies outside the convention featured angry words and a small number of demonstrators openly carrying guns as allowed under Ohio law, but none of the violence many feared could erupt in this summer of violence in the US and overseas.

As the second day of the convention got under way, three people were arrested and charged with criminal mischief for climbing flagpoles outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum early in the morning and hanging an anti-Donald Trump banner. Firefighters took it down.

The museum said in a statement that while the rock hall is an “icon of free speech,” officials discourage “illegal actions that stress our first responders.”

Also Tuesday, Cleveland’s police chief said 300 officers from more than a dozen law enforcement agencies are patrolling on bicycles in downtown Cleveland during the convention. Supporters of bike patrols say they make officers more maneuverable and less threatening-looking.

Law enforcement is doing a superb job handing the ruckus crowd, many of whom want to insight violence and see going to jail as a badge of honor.

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