RNC Chair: ‘Wassermann MUST Testy Under Oath’, Sitting on Explosive Information

RNC Chair: ‘Wassermann MUST Testy Under Oath’, Sitting on Explosive Information

Disgraced former DNC Chairwoman, Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) is being called on to testify before Congress after her IT staffer was arrested trying to flee the country.

Wasserman Schultz fired the staffer, Imran Awan after hearing of his arrest. Despite knowing for months he was under federal investigation and that the FBI had found smashed hard-drives relating to the DNC in his possession. The Democratic party has a long shady history with emails and technology. For a party continually screaming that the Russians hacked the election, it’s interesting to note their the only ones caught red handed so far rigging elections, using private servers, deleting emails, and smashing hard drives. All while being up to their necks in financial fraud allegations, while those investigating keep getting shot or spontaneously deciding to commit suicide. But, in all fairness, the suicide notes, such as Republican opposition researcher, Peter Smith, who died 10 days after telling the Wall Street Journal in an interview he was tracking down Hillary’s missing emails, read “NO FOUL PLAY”.

The Democrats are up to their necks in their own election rigging, taxpayer fraud, national security leaking's, and back door technological communication channel scandals. This leads many to ask what exactly does this mean for both the Deep State, and the whole President Trump/Russian investigation fiasco, and if any of these DNC investigations will ever actually result in criminal prosecution. The answer to the last question is yes unless another staffer winds up dead. More on this, the next potential “NO FOUL PLAY” hit, and the answers to the other questions raised on the next page

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