Rise Of The Police State: Dallas County Now Has Bulletproof, “Mine-Protected” Military SUV

Rise Of The Police State: Dallas County Now Has Bulletproof, “Mine-Protected” Military SUV

Why the hell do our cities need armored military vehicles designed for the extreme combat situations of war?

More and more we see the militarization of our police force. This article in the Dallas Observer makes it sounds like these military vehicles are being deployed because there isn't anything better to do with them and that they could be used to fight crime.

Of course, this is complete B.S. With government officials calling patriotic groups like the Tea Party ‘terrorists', we can easily see where all of this is going.

The economy is headed for a complete collapse, and these will be used to quell uprisings of people who are calling the heads of the heads of state. It is self-protection on the part of our ‘servants' in government and will be used for crowd control when all hell finally breaks loose.

Now that the war in Iraq is officially over and the one in Afghanistan winding down, the Department of Defense found itself facing a conundrum. It had just spent billions of dollars buying heavily armored personnel carriers designed to stand up to insurgent attacks only to find that it had run out of wars to use them in.


The initial plan was to shove the vehicles, called MRAPS (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) into a warehouse and let them collect dust. That changed when someone decided that, having served so admirably overseas, it would be only just to bring the MRAPs stateside and deploy them in the domestic war on crime.


Source: dallasobserver.com
Photo: dallasobserver.com



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