Rigged Election: Maryland Trump Supporter Finds Vote Switched to Clinton

The media “fact checkers” say that there is “no evidence” of a rigged election. Now that early voting has begun, that evidence is finally here.

A woman in Hollywood, Maryland is the latest in a number of early voters to claim that her ballot was switched to Hillary Clinton after she had tried to vote for Donald Trump.

Noting that she had seen reports on the news of votes being flipped, the woman said, “I went in and voted a straight Republican ticket and thank God I went back and checked and they had switched my vote from Trump to (Hillary).”

She said that she had to get the vote changed back by alerting election officials, who simply told her to vote for a second time.

“I went back the second time and made sure they didn’t change it,” she concluded.

Of course, the mainstream media will ignore these reports. After the most recent FBI developments, Hillary Clinton may need all the help she can get. And the media are there to help.

Source: Info Wars



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