Rice: My Father Used Second Amendment to Protect Us From KKK

Rice: My Father Used Second Amendment to Protect Us From KKK

Daytime television can leave a lot to be desired. That said, there's a lot of junk on TV 24-hours a day. Either what is supposed to be entertaining isn't or sporting events have been contaminated with politics. All of this is symptomatic of a bigger problem. The political has taken over far too many areas of our lives. And, to make matters worse, the bulk of it comes from the left.

“The View” is a show that has little socially redeeming purpose. It is simply a forum for blasting out liberal ideas unimpeded by any serious thought or reflection. In fact, The View has a view that is so far to the left it cannot even see the right or conservative ideas. This place is the home of has-beens such as the Obamas, Clintons, and officeholders such as Nancy Pelosi. If it has a value, it is to demonstrate what extreme liberals believe. Watch at your own risk.'

With the debate over gun-control in full-swing, The View has weighed into this as expected. However, with two pro-Second Amendment guests, the result might not be what you are expecting. You can check things out for yourself on page two.

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