IRS Loophole Gives $4 Billion a Year to Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigrants cost the American people billions of dollars.  According to Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR): illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion each year.

That is an astronomical amount of money, but it gets worse, according to this WTHR 13, investigative report, that has found a loophole that illegals use, when filing taxes to gain even more money from the government.

Illegals use their ITIN numbers to get massive returns, under the Additional Child Tax Credit.  Many undocumented workers use this tax credit for kids living in Mexico, according to WTHR's investigation.

Ten to twelve nieces and nephews listed in the Additional Child Tax Credit worksheet puts an abundance of American dollars into illegal pockets.  The whistle-blower shared thousands of examples with Indianapolis, Channel 13.

As one can see in the following video, an $11,070 refund on the tax return for claiming 7 nieces and nephews, while another was $10, 300 for 9 nieces and nephews.  The whistle-blower said he has stacks and stacks of returns, “It is so easy it is ridiculous.”

One undocumented worker said it was easy, his address has been used to file tax returns by four other undocumented workers who don't even live there.  These four workers claimed twenty children live inside this one trailer home in Southern Indiana.  The IRS sent these illegal immigrants a refund of $29, 608!

When asked if the 20 children live at the address, the illegal man stated they live in Mexico.  Only one child lives at the address.  These other children have never lived in the United States.

“If the opportunity is there and they give it to him, why not take advantage of it?” remarked the illegal alien.

This shocks the average American when brought to their knowledge, but the whistle-blower says the IRS has to know.  According to News 13, the agency has known about this problem for years and has done nothing about it.

Russell George the US Treasury Inspector General says, “The magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially.” His agency has warned the IRS about the abuse.

Over the past decade the abuse has skyrocketed, costing the American taxpayer more than $4.2 billion!  George says that this is more than $4 billion per year.  The IRS has not taken action and recommendation as to how to address this and solve the problem.

The whistle-blower reported fraudulent tax returns to the IRS and they never got back to him.  Two million illegal aliens are getting tax refunds because of this loophole.  The IRS claims it cannot do anything about it unless it gets permission from Congress.

If citizen of the United States makes a tax error, the IRS will hammer down, collecting every last cent plus penalties, but if an illegal pulls in thousands of tax payer dollars by committing fraud against the government, the IRS does nothing.

Source: WTHR



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